The AS curriculum introduces and deals with complex ideas and
many principles that are not included in the CAPS (South African schools)
curriculum. These principles form part of the fundamentals on which most tertiary
studies in the sciences are built.

Our AS course has been specially designed to help master these principles, and to expose students
to university level work and thinking processes. Students are better prepared  for undergraduate
study, and equipped with a ability to practically approach and solve problems.

The course is done over two years, with lectures once a
week in three consecutive 50 minute sessions, one per subject.
Practical sessions for physics and chemistry are included.

Course prerequisites and workload:

This course requires large amounts of extra time at home on each subject familiarizing
themselves with the content of the work, making notes, doing homework, completing
tests and Assignments. This course requires great commitment from students, due to the difficulty of the coursework.

Practical sessions

Practical Sessions For AS and IGCSE level
Chemistry, Physics and Biology

These sessions are held once a week in one hour sessions. Each session includes
an experiment, as well as advice on how to complete exam questions. Expert guidance
is provided throughout the practical by lecturers well versed in each subject.

Practicals are available for students not taking theory classes,
as well as for theory students who want extra practice.

About us


In 2008 ScienceMatters was created to help students develop a love for Science. 
Eleven years later, that dream is still the same! During this time 
ScienceMatters has served our community by making Science and 
Mathematics accessible, understandable and enjoyable.

ScienceMatters promotes hands-on learning, to help students turn abstract
information into concrete principles.

"Tell me, and I forget.
 Teach me, and I remember
 Involve me, and I Learn”
- Benjamin Franklin 

Our Vision

Our goal is to give each child the ability to understand any 
information given to them, by teaching them about the building
blocks of the universe through chemistry, to give them a
means to measure everything they see through the lens of physics
and a way to express their findings using mathematics. 

We have groups for students of all ages with courses specially designed to 
help kindle their love for science, as well as to prepare them for further 
secondary or tertiary studies.

"Education is not is not the learning of facts,
 but the training of the mind to think."

- Albert Einstein

Our Staff

Years of lab experience, Tertiary qualifications and a visible passion for science and mathematics makes our staff the perfect
educational team. Working hard to give your child a taste of the wonders of Science, while building up their academic confidence and ability. 

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IGCSE Junior


Kids work in a real lab, with real chemicals and lab equipment. 
Classes are specifically designed to cover a wide range of fundamental 
scientific principles giving kids a head start in future secondary studies.

Not only are complicated scientific principles turned from abstract to concrete but also
related to real life so that young students can make connections between
what they learn and why. We encourage students to do research on themes we explore in class.


Each student has his own book, specially designed for the content they
will be taught, which contains keywords and some examples of where what they just
saw can be found in real life.