Info sessions

We aim to provide you with as much detailed information as possible, to ensure that you understand the way that our system works.
Formal sessions are available, and we try to be available if you have any quick questions that need answering.

A sit down, Q and A is held once a year, where any prospective parents, or current parents can come, and have their questions answered and 
receive explanations on some of the more complicated areas of the Cambridge system - such as the two sitting rule.

Sometimes, parents may want to meet and discuss the more specific needs of their child, or children. In these cases a
information sessions can be arranged with Linda Steenkamp, via a phone call, whatsapp or an email. Use this link to get our contact info!

Science principle books

We have recently launched a new series of books for our classes. These books contain all the key principles that
will be discussed during class, and will have special space for extra research.

Our aim with these notebooks is to help children become interested, and excited by science, in a way that is rewarding for them.
We encourage students to put effort into their work by rewarding them for their work, and improvement.